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Workshop from 9.00-11.00


More than ever before, our bodies are bombarded with stressors, from pollution to chemicals in skincare products to preservatives in the foods we eat. 

The liver is a workhorse. It's your body's primary filtration system—it converts toxins into waste products, cleanses your blood, metabolizes nutrients and medications, and produces proteins. And while a healthy liver naturally cleanses itself, it may not necessarily be functioning optimally if it's constantly faced with dietary and environmental stressors.

Are you wondering if your liver is working optimally?  

Join us for our 2-hours workshop to get clear on how you can help your liver keep you healthy. 

Workshop - Liver Health & Detox

  • February 18th 2020

    Workshop from 9.00-11.00

    At MytreeYoga, Montagnola, Switzerland