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In this 5 week Program we will dig deeper into hormones and how you can invest in your health by learning more about these.

Hormonal imbalances can throw your system all out of control.

Do you know if you have an imbalance?


With this program you will:


  • Begin to understand your hormones
  • What triggers hormonal imbalances and how to rest your hormones
  • Learn about how digestion, inflammation and general discomfort are often triggered by unbalanced hormones


What you'll get:

We will meet-up 3 times. In these meetings, we will learn, talk, cook and have fun together. 

  • A full 29 page Guide on the Hormone Detox that includes extensive information on Detox 101, Liver Congestion, Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, Estrogen Metabolism, and plenty more.
  • The 60+ Amazing Recipe Guide includes mouthwatering, vegetarian and omnivore
  • 2 Sets- 3 Weeks of Meal Suggestions & Shopping Lists for Vegetarians AND Omnivores
  • A Food Diary
  • Eat & Don’t Eat Foods List
  • A Hormone Self-Test that works like a questionnaire
  • Disrupting Endocrine Chemicals Handout
  • Roadblocks to Hormone Recovery Handout


If you want to take back your life? This is the Program that you have been looking for!


Stop wasting time dreaming about feeling good - instead take action NOW.





  • November 12th 13.30-15.30

    November 19th 13.30-15.30

    1 x Online meet up for all participants if desired

    December 10th 13.30-15.30

    At MytreeYoga, Montagnola, Switzerland

  • 4 week Program with 3 x 2hours meetups + 1 online: 450 chf
    - sign up 3 weeks before start date: 370 chf
    - bring a friend (full price) and save 130 chf on your enrollment (not
    cumulative with other offers)