Are you ready to enjoy a winter free of colds and illnesses?


Are you ready to make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get healthy?


Are you ready to spend this winter feeling revitalized, vibrant, and energized?


It’s time for a program that WORKS!


The Ultimate NEW YEAR DETOX is your solution to losing the weight, getting healthy, and feeling fantastic!


It seems like every winter is the same. There is the whirlwind of the holidays - too much rich food, too much stress, not enough sleep, and by January, you’re left feeling drained and exhausted.  You make the same New Year’s Resolution every year - lose 5 kg, get healthy, cut out junk food… 


And for a week or two, you may do really well with your diet, but you’re hungry, irritable, and tired all the time.  Maybe you’re battling an endless cold, maybe you have the winter blues, maybe you just don’t have a plan in place and life gets in the way of your diet, but too soon, you get back into old habits. 


Are you just going to give up on your health goals?

Are you stuck feeling exhausted and sick all the time?

Are you going to suffer through another long winter?


Not this winter, you’re not!


It’s time to cleanse your body of the toxins that are making you sick, zapping your energy, and making it impossible to lose the extra weight.  Get ready for a detox program that will lead you to the health and wellness you desire!


Boost your health, now

  • Imagine getting through this winter without constant sniffles, catching every bug that goes around because your immune system is strong!
  • Imagine feeling vibrant and lively, even if it’s cold and dreary outside, it’s not holding you back!
  • Imagine enjoying winter for once, because you finally feel healthy, fit, and free of the pain, the fatigue, and illness that makes winter a misery!


What if you could build up your immune system and gut health and say goodbye to winter illness?


What if you could shed the extra weight and not have to worry about “getting ready for spring?”


What if you could kiss diets goodbye and truly nourish your body back to health?


Reclaim your health in just 14 days!


How AWESOME would that be?


If you are liking what you’re reading, then the NEW YEAR DETOX is for you!  In just 14 days, you will:

  • Cleanse and flush toxins from your whole body
  • Build an incredibly strong immune system
  • Dramatically improve your gut health and increase gut flora, giving you healthy, regular digestion and an additional immune boost
  • Shed the toxins that lead to weight gain, bloat, and belly fat
  • Enjoy real, delicious, nourishing foods that energize and revitalize your mind and body!


DETOX for Amazing Health


We created the NEW YEAR Detox to rid your body of the toxins left by poor foods, so you can ditch the extra weight, boost your immune health, and replenish your energy and vibrancy!  You can reset your health in just TWO WEEKS!!

  • Ditch the junk food, the toxins, and the processed stuff that is making you feel exhausted, bloated, and sick
  • Enjoy foods that are not only loaded with nutrition, but that are also delicious, comforting, and nourishing
  • Revitalize your immune system, replenish your energy and rebuild your gut biome
  • Cleanse your body of all the toxins and feel vibrant, joyful, confident, and rejuvenated!



No more stressing about what’s healthy and what’s not


No more worrying about information overload


No more indecision and overwhelm about what to eat



It’s all there in the program, and it’s just 329€


How it works

The Winter Grain-Free Detox is an elimination detox. That means we get rid of all the foods that are toxic to the body that cause weight gain, chronic health problems, and a weakened immune system.  Then we gradually re-introduce foods to determine how your body reacts to them and determine your food intolerances. 


Once you have determined how your body processes specific foods and you learn how you can and can’t tolerate, you will have a much greater understanding of your unique needs!  By the end of the detox, you will feel energized, healthier, and vibrant, plus you will feel empowered and in control of your health!

Here’s What You Get:


  • The NEW YEAR Detox Guide: This guide includes wonderful information on cleansing your body, mind, and spirit.  This isn’t just about food, this will guide you to whole-body wellness!  You will learn how to detox from stress and letting go of toxic habits in addition to unhealthy foods!
  • The NEW YEAR Detox Recipe Guide: We are so excited to share with you the grain-free, bean-free recipes that are not only nutritious and fulfilling, but they are DELICIOUS!  After all, what good is healthy food if you don’t want to eat it?  You can use this guide long after the detox has ended whenever you want a tasty, nutritious meal!
  • Suggested Meals and Shopping Guide: Take the stress out of shopping with this handy guide that has ingredients listed and ready for you to hit the grocery store feeling confident and in control.  The meal guide features great ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks, so you can enjoy great food all day without having to worry if it’s part of the detox plan!
  • Food diary: Track what you’ve eaten, how you feel and any reactions your body has had to the food you eat.  You’ll get a better understanding of what triggers your habits and gain a better understanding of your relationship with food. 
  • Facebook group access: Join other people who are going through the same journey as you. It’s supportive, encouraging and a must-do for the NEW YEAR Detox.
  • BONUS: 3 handouts (Food & Supplements for a strong Immune System, Why Charcoal for Detox, 10 Snacks on the Go)


Get ready to enjoy 14 days of delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes, stress-free grocery shopping, plus support, guidance, and plenty of amazing resources!  This program is worth 550€ but you get all of this for just 329€


Sign up today, and take this step toward looking and feeling fantastic! 

New Year Detox

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