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What is Estrogen Dominance?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Estrogen is one of two main sex hormones that women have. The other one is progesterone. Estrogen is primarily responsible for female physical features and reproduction. Men have estrogen, too, but in smaller amounts.

Estrogen governs the growth of the breasts, pubic, and underarm hair. During puberty, it’s estrogen that triggers the start of menstrual cycles and estrogen that helps control the cycle through childbearing and into menopause. This hormone has other functions too. Estrogen keeps cholesterol in control, protects bone health, and affects your brain (including mood), bones, heart, skin, and other tissues.

Your skin is plumper and more elastic due to estrogens effect on collagen. Furthermore, it aids in building your muscles and bones, slows down the aging process, increases your libido, balances your moods, and your sleep cycle.

Hormonal health - best smoothie

Slow dancing with estrogen is great, but everything takes a 180-degree turn if estrogen dominance becomes an issue.

The term ‘estrogen dominance’ refers to a condition where your body continually produces estrogen in excess as compared to progesterone. During the follicular phase of your menstrual cycle, estrogen is naturally more dominant, but only for a few days. Hormonal imbalance tends to have a cascade effect, so estrogen dominance often leads to a plethora of other health-related problems. Estrogen dominance can cause PMS symptoms due to which you can feel sluggish for days, weeks, or even months until you finally balance your hormones.

Symptoms of Estrogen Excess:

If you experience any two or more of the following symptoms, you may have estrogen dominance.

· Constant headaches or migraines

· Water retention and bloating

· Gaining weight in your lower body

· Ovarian Cysts

· Oily hair and skin

· Fibroids

· Acne

· PCOS or Endometriosis

· Tender and painful breasts

· Hair loss

· Random mood swings

· Heavy flow during periods

· Painful cramps before and during periods

· Irregular periods

How to Balance Estrogen

The best natural way to balance estrogen is by detoxing your body. Detox does not mean that you starve your body or indulge in ridiculous juice cleanses. Instead, it refers to eliminating certain foods and drinks and replacing them with healthier options.

The Importance of your Liver

To get rid of estrogen dominance and balance your hormones, you will have to take care of your liver. The liver is responsible for filtering blood, removing toxins, and balancing your hormones. To support liver health, avoid foods high in processed fat, sugar and salt and focus instead on fresh, whole foods and foods that are rich in fiber. Foods that are rich in vitamin C, sulfur, and B vitamins are also great for liver health. Eating this way helps the body naturally detox and can be part of your path back to balance.

Ditch the toxins that you put on your body and in your environment for another layer of support. Try to use products that are clean and free of harmful chemicals. Whether it be makeup or skincare products, try to use organic products made from natural ingredients. Apart from this, you should also take care of your mental health by detoxing and removing all sources of negative energy from your life.

Estrogen Detox Smoothie:

To enjoy a tasty detox smoothie, blend the following ingredients until the mixture looks smooth and creamy and enjoy!

· 200 g kale/ spinach

· Half peeled cucumber

· Half lemon

· Peeled knob of ginger

· 2 stalks celery

· 200 g fresh mango

· 1 handful fresh cilantro

· 700ml of water

· 4 tablespoons ground flaxseed

· 1 to 2 scoops of healthy protein powder (We suggest vegan vanilla from Zinzino)

Blend all ingrediens together and enjoy!

Steps to get better

First step to understand more about your hormonal health. Go download our Hormonal Guide here

If you have any questions, please reach out - we are her to help!

To your Health,

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