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Sugar - Will it Hurt You to Just Give in?

The holiday season is approaching and we are being bombarded by deliciously addictive sugary foods.

How can you say no to Grandma’s luscious, Danish Aebleskiver with powdered sugar and jam? Your Aunt's homemade cookies or Your cousin’s world-famous chocolate truffles that she made especially for you? And if your friend leaves a beautiful tray of Christmas cookies and chocolate in the break room and nobody sees you eat one, does it really count?

Does it really harm that much to just give in just for the season? I mean, you can always go back to healthy eating in January, right?

Is there a price to just giving in.....?

Well, eating too much sugar can permanently damage your metabolism. The more often you indulge, the more insulin-resistant you can become. Be careful, it's hard to get your carbohydrate tolerance back; once it’s gone, it’s really going to be hard work. The more sweets you eat over the course of your lifetime, the more likely it is that you’ll gradually lose your ability to process even healthier whole food sources of carbohydrates, like fruits and vegetables

Sugar - brain health

Your Brain

Also, the way your brain experiences those stimulants makes it light up in the exact same areas as cocaine? Crazy, right?!

New research is coming out every day on just how bad sugar is for the brain. It’s as bad for your brain as being in an extremely stressful or abusive situation 24/7.

Sugar addiction can actually impair the function of the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory and coping with stress.

The truth is when you go off sugar your brain starts to repair itself. The brain fog you deal with every day disappears and you feel clear and focused like never before. When sugar is your primary fuel source, not only is it damaging you on a physiological level but it’s also impairing your higher mental functioning.

Using sugar or refined carbohydrates as a pick-me-up creates a vicious cycle, the effects of the sugar wear off quickly and the low energy returns with a vengeance. When you cut sugar out of your diet you transform this cycle and create stable, sustainable energy that allows you to actually focus and feel mentally clear. Just one of the many benefits of eliminating sugar from your life.

In Denmark, we are quite well known for "a mood" of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment called "HYGGE". If you come to Copenhagen during wintertime you will find the essence of HYGGE, in the warm atmosphere, the foods and all the lights on the famous pedestrian street "STRØGET", and everywhere you'll find all the amazing sweets that Denmark is known for as well.

The downside of HYGGE is the indulgement in sugary foods and especially around the Holidays this becomes quite extreme. First hand we know how hard it is to be smart and make the right choices.

If you want even more tips on how to navigate through the overwhelming sweet offerings around the Holiday, how to stay healthy, not slow down your digestion, still have high energy, come to our facebook group where we’ll be sharing more information, tips and recipes to help you get through the Holidays in a healthy way

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To your wellness,

Anne & Hanne


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