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Healthy breakfasts to make ahead of time

You may not think about the meal prep and planning of breakfast. In fact, most people do not. They figure that eggs or a smoothie is enough. The truth is, you should be taking in more calories and nutrients during your breakfast, and that requires more meal planning. Here are a few healthy breakfasts that you can make ahead of time to ensure you are getting what you need.

Overnight Oats, Nuts, and Berries

Overnight oats with nuts and berries is a simple and quick make ahead breakfast. This breakfast also packs a punch with various benefits. Let's look a the oatmeal first. The oats give you smoother digestion and help to move things through your system with the fiber enriched grains. The nuts are packed with superfood properties and protein. The berries are also superfoods that give you additional vitamins and energy boosts. Keep in mind, if you use greek yogurt or almond milk as the soaking agent, you will also gain even more protein to get you started in the morning.

Mini Frittatas

If you prefer something a little more hearty in the mornings, then you may want to try mini frittatas. These can be made ahead and stored for up to three or four days. The frittatas have the power of protein from the eggs, but can easily be substituted with a vegan option instead. You can add spinach for iron and peppers or any other vegetable that gives you vitamins or minerals. You can also add a variety of meats to give you even more depth and more protein.

Breakfast Sandwiches

One of the most commonly purchased breakfast meals at fast food restaurants is the breakfast sandwich. You can actually make these ahead, freeze them, and eat them as you want. The sandwiches are incredibly simple and use only gluten free bread, avocado and your choice of protein (hemp seeds or an egg). Make them ahead, wrap in plastic wrap, and re heat in the morning.

Bean Breakfast Burritos

You may not think of beans as part of breakfast, but they can pack a large amount of protein and minerals. You can use refried beans, pinto beans, or even black beans. Mix them with a variety of spices along with brown rice and cheese and you have yourself a great burrito breakfast that gives you what you need when a sweet breakfast just will not do.

You can always alter your breakfast meal prep to give you more of what you need, more superfoods, or more nutrients. Just make sure you plan it out to know what you need for each meal and that you have it on hand at all times.

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