I am a certified Health and Holistic Nutrition Coach. 

I'm born and raised in Denmark, but since 2006 I live in Lugano, Switzerland with my 4 boys, my husband and our dog.

As a child, I loved baking and creating delicious things made with real and simple ingredients; a passion that has carried over well into my adult life. Today, I spend much of my time educating and empowering people, especially women. I love being active, cooking and eating healthy meals, and to be surrounded by my large family and friends. 

I'm a former Olympic (96’) and World Champion (97’) gold medalist in Team Handball. For several years, I was also the nutrition advisor for the former professional cycling team, Saxo Bank/Tinkoff. 

I'm also the author of the Danish lifestyle/cookbook “Min vej til et sundt liv”.

I work as a Health Coach from my home in Switzerland. I use my knowledge from elite sport, my education in health and my own life experiences to help women and top athletes to make better and healthier choices. 

My passion is to educate and inspire people to understand the importance of healthy food and lifestyle choices in relation to optimal performance, living with a healthy body and mind and finding balance in their everyday life.


I am a certified Health Coach and Nurse.

I'm Danish and grew up in Denmark on a farm in the countryside where I lived my first 42 years until I moved with my husband and 3 kids to Switzerland. Here I explored new cultures, new languages and new ways of living. I found an amazing international environment but at the same time deep roots, peace and passion in Ticino, the Italian part of this beautiful country.


I live in Vernate, a picturesque, small village on the mountain, overlooking vineyards and Lake Lugano. With the kids growing up and becoming self-supportive I found that I needed new challenges in my own life to fill my mind and explore new ways of living. 


Before I became a Health Coach I worked as a professional nurse in Danish hospitals for more than 20 years. I loved my job but was always looking for a way to help patients get balanced and responsible for their own longlasting health and wellbeing in order to avoid illnesses. This I found with IIN and the unique Zinzino Balance products.

As a Health Coach, I received my training from IIN where I studied a variety of more than 100 dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. My passion is to work with people and help them move toward their own goals of a healthy lifestyle.